The Password….

Hey what is thaatttttt????
Ravi almost screamed at me, with surprise in eyes and astonishment in voice.
Abhi, is that your password, you typed it my mistake here, but really how can you make that your password after so many years, Abhi answer me,
And slowly his words were getting faint and I was sailing in the ocean of reminiscences,
It was a day of beauty and bliss; I was getting ready for my college.
In hustle and bustle I gulped my breakfast and leaped out of my house, threw myself on my bike, and rushed for the college which was around 6 kms from my house.
The road was clean with queue of trees at both sides providing an aegis from sunrays and making ambience cool and pleasant. I was heading to the college and suddenly heard horn of another bike, he was my friend Ravi; coming from his house and coincidentally met me on the way. So from there, we speeded to the college, raced, chased, and reached the “pappu corner”, the hangout place of us, it was a small stall of tea and snacks.
We sat there and ordered for a cup of tea, sipping the hot tea and discussing on contemporary issue was our favorite pass time, and of course the topics varied from foreign policy of the nation to the new girl in the college, anything and everything.
We finished our teas and headed to our bikes, we hardly reached our bikes and suddenly there was a sound of a bang, we turned our faces and saw a jeep colliding with a barrow which was standing at the corner of road.
We rushed to that place, the jeep was fine but the barrow man was injured, he perhaps couldn’t move and got hit by the jeep directly, he was lying on the road with blood making the road look red, there were tears in his eyes, meanwhile the driver of the jeep was nabbed by people and they took him to the police station, I picked the harrow man and my friends called ambulance, but perhaps it was too late.
The barrow man murmured in my ears, “ Saab, I will not survive, I have one daughter, how will she survive”, he was crying but now I understood that the tears were not because of physical pain but for the mental agony he was facing and the thought of her daughter.
I put him on the bench and made him drink water; meanwhile we heard the sound of ambulance.
The doctor rushed out of it and came to the barrow man, I tried to carry him but now his body was not responding at all, I got scared and doctor started examining him.
“I am sorry, he is no more”
These words struck my ear drums, making my nerves active, they took the message to my brain and as usual brain had to give necessary decision, but it didn’t. My brain was stuck, I was stunned.
I sat down on the ground with tears in eyes and eyes of barrow man in my mind.
Meanwhile police arrived and started their investigation, the case was filed against the jeep driver and since we were there to aid the barrow man, we were asked to go to the house of barrow man and tell his family about the tragedy.
I knew in the name of family the poor barrow man had a daughter only and I took the courage to go and face the little poor girl and to answer her questions.
I, with my mates, went to his house after asking people of that locality, we knocked and went in, it was a shabby house with leakages from roof and broken floor.
There we saw a little girl, hardly 15 years old, she looked at her with questions in eyes, and I was having tears in my eyes and tried my best not to shatter.
I sat on my knees and told the kid about the incident, she was still looking at us with surprise as if she was asking, “why you all are kidding”
But then she realized we were not joking, she burst into tears and cried loudly, I hugged her and tears flowed away from my eyes.
We made necessary arrangements for the funeral and offered fire to the dead body of barrow man. But there was something in my mind, in the rising flames of pyre I decided to do all the possible help to make the poor kid self dependent.
I consulted my friends and finally was able to form a group of people thinking alike and ready to help me.
We used to meet the kid daily after college in batches and helped her in studies. By mutual contribution we filled her school fees and financed other necessary amenities,
Slowly we were able to make the kid believe in our endeavors and she started developing self confidence.
It was my final year and I passed out but the group I formed was still there, working for that kid and helping her. I too remained in touch with her and my juniors and witnessed the transformation of that girl.
She was in class 12; she scored rank 5 in the region. She called me and asked me to come to the felicitation ceremony as she was asked to bring her family.
I was more than happy, and with my friend Ravi went there.
She was smiling and then her name was announced on the stage,
“Radhika miracle girl of 2002”
There were claps from each corner of auditorium.

Hey Abhi???? It has been 20 years; still you are using her name as a password???
A steep voice made me out of my world of memories but I could still feel the clapping sound in my ears
I smiled and put my cursor into the dialogue box of email id to delete the password I typed my mistake,



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